Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Prayers for Garrison

Nurses came in this morning to inform us that Garrison's oxygen needs increased during the night. He was up to 60% oxygen from the machines.
So, the doctor has decided to put him on the ventilator to help him rest, since he has been working so hard to breathe for the last two days. Because he will be intubated, we will just have family visiting him at this time.
However, personal visits and prayers for Tracy (and me) are invited. You might just call to check before you head up here. We are in Room 841 at Methodist (but will probably be discharged tomorrow morning.) After that, we will spend most of our time on the fourth floor (which is NICU.)


carrie said...

You all continue to be in our prayers! We love you and are thinking about you!

sis said...

Seeing pictures of Garrison, and thinking how small babies are and we think they are so frail, and then I remember the time when I was young I work a short while for a doctor who was in pediatrics and he would tell me these little babies are as strong as elephants.So keeping that in mind the doctors will treat him and he will be better in a few days. Remember the greatest healer of all has him in His care. We too are feeling your pain, and many prayers are being said.We are showing off alot of pictures of this greatgrandson.They don't get any cuter.
Love you all, Grandpa and Nana

Anonymous said...

Franklin and Tracy, Your Kearney Kousins are all praying! As I lift him up in prayer I call Him BABY GARRISON,he will now probally always be that to me. You watch he will be a Fighter! We love you Aunt Shelly

Jim said...

Hi Franklin,
Jim Tuttle here from Lincoln. I am praying for all of you especially Garrison. I pray that they can find the answers needed to treat him. I pray that you can find some peace in this crazy time. God Bless You!

Amy Heldt said...

Continued prayers for you guys at this time! I know how hard it is to see your child on a ventilator. Know that it's giving the rest of his little body the rest that it needs right now. Hang in there! Yes, you are not in charge but we all know who is and He has a plan and a reason! Thanks for keeping us all posted.