Thursday, September 16, 2010

Birth and Brain Cells

They say that women lose significant brain cells when a child is born, which has spawned many jokes and given my wife an excuse when she "forgets something."
Men don't seem to obtain this particular problem...or do they?
This morning, after taking a shower, I realized that I had forgotten to bring my underwear in the bathroom with me. I asked my wife to check the bag I had brought with me to the hospital. She and her mother quickly discovered that I has forgotten to pack any underwear at all!
Within moments I found out that I also failed to pack socks and my pair of shorts were missing the button. (Luckily I had a belt to hold them together!)
Cursing myself, I reached down to grab my deodorant and instead sprayed under my arms with cologne!
I don't remember being this "out of it" when the other kids were born. I think men must lose their brain cells after the THIRD child is born!!!