Friday, May 26, 2006

We're Heeeeeeeeeere!

We made it to Nebraska!
We decided to come a little early (sorry to those in Ponca who might have wanted to see us again!) and it was a good decision. Breaking the trip up into two days was great, especially since the U-Haul didn't want to go faster than 65 mph with a gusting south wind jostling it's frame.
Our reception here was awesome! Thanks to all those who helped us move in. It only took an hour to unpack everything! Our church family here is trying to "fatten us up" I guess, because we have cake, cookies, and all sorts of goodies at the house!
Also, big thanks to our help in Ponca. We will miss everyone there and it was very emotional for us to leave.
We stood in our empty house and cried as the memories flooded over us. The last time we had seen Fischer's room bare was right before we painted it and put his crib in it. We shared many laughs with friends in that house. We also shared many struggles and cried with a few people.
The same thing happened to me when I visited the basement (teen room) at the church building for the last time. I remembered classes and devotionals and lockins...all the fun stuff that a youth group does.
Anyways, we expect everyone to keep in touch!
We will do our best as we don't have phone, cell phone, or internet right now. I am in the church office doing this because we were feeling very "out of touch!"
Thanks again for blessing our lives.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Family Fotos

We got some new pics from "Uncle John." This is him and Fischer together at a little family shindig we had recently.

We had a great time taking pictures, watching Fischer laugh, and playing board games. Uncle John takes some pretty good pictures, and Aunt Emily seems to have a knack for making Fischer crack up.

Our family is such a great support for us. I don't know what we would do if we didn't have them! In fact, some are coming this weekend to help us paint our house before we sell it. Then, they will come to Omaha to help us unload our stuff into our new house! Tracy's folks are joining in the fun the week after that, when Tracy will shift into high gear on home decorating (and probably yard work for me and the father-in-law!)

We are so grateful for our family...not just their physical help or monetary support, but knowing that they will love us no matter where we end up! They want the best for us. They want us to be happy as a family and joyful in our jobs. I'm so glad that God puts us in families (either real or adopted) that care for us and look out for us!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spaced Out

Have you ever totally spaced out?

I kind of feel like that right now. It's pretty sad, actually! Today is my day off, and we got a lot accomplished today. Got and packed a few boxes, faxed some things to our realtor in Omaha, "strongly encouraged" our realtor in Ponca City, and went for a walk. But I feel like I should have a little more energy! Maybe I am still recovering from our FLOAT TRIP this weekend (more on that next post.) It seems like it takes longer and longer to recover after those types of activities, but I always have a blast!

It really stinks being "between jobs." On the one hand, you are looking forward to your next job and new house. On the other, you feel like you are letting people down that you are leaving. Your friends (people at church) start withdrawing from you...that's the worst feeling. The people you have been really close to...they know you are leaving and it hurts to keep talking to you when they know you are leaving! I know they still love me, it's just funny how humans act sometimes!

Can't wait to move on and quit being spaced out!