Friday, May 26, 2006

We're Heeeeeeeeeere!

We made it to Nebraska!
We decided to come a little early (sorry to those in Ponca who might have wanted to see us again!) and it was a good decision. Breaking the trip up into two days was great, especially since the U-Haul didn't want to go faster than 65 mph with a gusting south wind jostling it's frame.
Our reception here was awesome! Thanks to all those who helped us move in. It only took an hour to unpack everything! Our church family here is trying to "fatten us up" I guess, because we have cake, cookies, and all sorts of goodies at the house!
Also, big thanks to our help in Ponca. We will miss everyone there and it was very emotional for us to leave.
We stood in our empty house and cried as the memories flooded over us. The last time we had seen Fischer's room bare was right before we painted it and put his crib in it. We shared many laughs with friends in that house. We also shared many struggles and cried with a few people.
The same thing happened to me when I visited the basement (teen room) at the church building for the last time. I remembered classes and devotionals and lockins...all the fun stuff that a youth group does.
Anyways, we expect everyone to keep in touch!
We will do our best as we don't have phone, cell phone, or internet right now. I am in the church office doing this because we were feeling very "out of touch!"
Thanks again for blessing our lives.


Karen said...

You are learning the same thing about our family in Omaha. They know how to love and how to show it.

See you next weekend!

Anonymous said...

Glad you all made it safe. Sounds like you are right at home. You will always have your Ponca family too. You just now have a new family to love just like Ponca. Will be glad when you get hooked up with some phones.
Love you all, Grandpa and Nana

Klay Hall said...


I am very happy for you guys. I know you will be a blessing to Nebraska. I had a similar experience with my phone company. I will not mention their name either but you can fill in the blanks C_ _ _ U L 8 R. Can you find the hidden message.
Tell Tracy I was thinking about her this week when I saw an advertisement for "Superstar" Mary Katherine. She will clue you in about this. I hope to see you before March. But if we do not you are in our prayers.