Friday, May 25, 2007

Weight Loss Update

Since a few months ago, I have lost about 8 more pounds, bringing my total weight loss for this year to 23 pounds. 23 pounds!! Go pick something up that's 23 pounds! That's a lot of extra weight to carry around!
At the beginning of the year, I blogged about how terrible I felt because of the weight issues. Since I started losing the weight, I've had heartburn MAYBE one time (as opposed to every day!!) I have also come to enjoy the feeling of being hungry (it's so much better than the feeling of being stuffed all the time!) My personal favorite is just having more energy!
By the way, did I tell you that my wife is going to do a sprint triathlon (swim 500 meters, bike 15 miles, and run 3 miles) in July?! She has lost about 20 pounds as well. I am SO proud of her!
Now, are there still problems in my life? Yes, losing weight doesn't solve all your problems. Scheduling exercise time is still difficult. Making right decisions on eating is still VERY tough! I still get in bad moods occasionally. Satan has not stopped trying to tempt me just because I've dropped a little body fat.
But God is good, and the physical advantages of losing the weight FAR outweigh keeping it!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fischer's Sneaky Bath

Right now, we have NO problem getting Fischer in the bath!

The other night, I heard Tracy running bath water (for herself!) when she yelled for me to come and look. Apparently, Fischer heard the water, snuck away from me, entered the bathroom and hopped right in!

So, we will enjoy the days that Fischer INSISTS on getting in the bathtub.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It Finally Happened

It finally happened...

I've heard the stories for years. Stories about "mean" teachers. Stories saying that one way to get back at them was to put a tack in their chair...

Yes, I sat on a tack that had been strategically placed in my chair on Sunday morning. It pierced clothing and flesh, pinning the two together. The offender (who shall remain nameless in order to protect their life from their parents!) claimed they "thought it would be funny, but as you were sitting I realized it might hurt."

"Gee, ya think!!!???" I retorted after class.

But, during class, as my rear came to rest on the metallic piercing, I just grimaced, stood up, removed it and went on with class. Several well-meaning teens asked if I was OK. I was...despite my pride being hurt and my adrenaline pumping. I wasn't even being mean!!!

Nevertheless, it was a great lesson for me. Why? I was teaching on "Godly Reactions" (see last post.)

Note for other Youth Ministers: If you have a teenager helping you with an illustration using a tack, NEVER lose sight of it!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I've said it before and I'll say it again...the book of James is SO annoying (in a good way!) He says things that "get you" EVERY TIME!!!

In Chapter 5, James asks how you react to certain things, and then he describes how we should react in a God-honoring way. Will you take this test with me? Let's see how we do...

Situation ... Reaction
You're in trouble ... pray.
You are happy ... sing songs of praise.
You are sick ... call the elders to pray over you and give you medicine (in God's name.)
You have sinned ... confess it to another believer and pray for each other.

If I were honest, my list would probably look more like this...

Situation ... Reaction
You're in trouble ... tell some friends how miserable I am and hope they will help.
You are happy ... sing songs (at least I'm close on this one!)
You are sick ... call the doctor to check me out and give me medicine (generic brand.)
You have sinned ... maybe pray for myself; tell no one; hope everyone thinks I'm perfect.

How about you? Are your reactions based on your feelings or are they based on your faith in God? Do you react by protecting yourself or by projecting your problems to your Father?

Confession Time: Lately I feel like some of my reactions have not been because of faith, but out of feelings. I need to do better at giving things to God. Will you pray for me?! (I will be praying for you!)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Great Weekend!!

What a weekend!!

Saturday night we attended a great show choir event at Westside High School to see several of our teens perform. One of them realized halfway through one song that his fly was completely unzipped! I know the feeling, Nate! See my post from March 15, 2007 about halfway down this page...
Don't worry, he recovered nicely...he just tucked his shirt tail back in, smiled at everyone and zipped back up!!

After my hectic week, I got some GREAT quality time in with the family. Saturday morning, Fischer came and laid in bed with us. He was very content and is starting to count!! He says, "1,2...5!" He also went pee in his little potty today! To most people, such an event would seem absurd to report, but for parents it is exciting!! The diapers will be coming off soon, hopefully!!
Probably the best part was when Fischer just came and sat in my lap this afternoon. I reclined the chair and he leaned his little head back onto my chest. We sat there for a good half hour, watching TV and eating Flavor Blasted Cheddar Goldfish.

Today, we had a ceremony for our high school seniors. It really got me thinking about stages of life. I'm so excited for them as they go off to college! It is a scary yet exhilarating thought to go off on your own. I hope that our service and ceremony today was encouraging to them. I hope that they felt blessed to be a part of our church and the family of God. I hope they are at peace as they prepare to leave home and that they are prepared to enter the world...prepared to fight for their faith.