Sunday, May 06, 2007

Great Weekend!!

What a weekend!!

Saturday night we attended a great show choir event at Westside High School to see several of our teens perform. One of them realized halfway through one song that his fly was completely unzipped! I know the feeling, Nate! See my post from March 15, 2007 about halfway down this page...
Don't worry, he recovered nicely...he just tucked his shirt tail back in, smiled at everyone and zipped back up!!

After my hectic week, I got some GREAT quality time in with the family. Saturday morning, Fischer came and laid in bed with us. He was very content and is starting to count!! He says, "1,2...5!" He also went pee in his little potty today! To most people, such an event would seem absurd to report, but for parents it is exciting!! The diapers will be coming off soon, hopefully!!
Probably the best part was when Fischer just came and sat in my lap this afternoon. I reclined the chair and he leaned his little head back onto my chest. We sat there for a good half hour, watching TV and eating Flavor Blasted Cheddar Goldfish.

Today, we had a ceremony for our high school seniors. It really got me thinking about stages of life. I'm so excited for them as they go off to college! It is a scary yet exhilarating thought to go off on your own. I hope that our service and ceremony today was encouraging to them. I hope that they felt blessed to be a part of our church and the family of God. I hope they are at peace as they prepare to leave home and that they are prepared to enter the world...prepared to fight for their faith.

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