Monday, August 22, 2005

Recovering Fischer

After a C-section, nurses take over to do what’s called “Recovery.” Basically, what this means is that they are helping the child “recover” after the rigors of birth.
Witnessing a recovery for the first time is quite traumatic, especially when it’s YOUR child! Hearing your baby cry for the first time awakens a Protector gene in the parent (at least that’s what it felt like!)
I felt like they were being too rough with him! I cringed when they stuck needles in him! That nurse put too much ointment on his eyes! They rubbed him raw when giving him his first bath! If Fischer could have spoken, he wouldn’t have called it “Recovery,” he would have called it “Torture!!!”
It wasn’t until later that I learned that all that crying was good for Fischer! It helped his little lungs develop and rid them of some of that fluid.
I still think there could be a better name than Recovery, but at least I don’t think it’s evil any more!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Operation Fischer

5:30 p.m.
August 10, 2005

By the time I entered the Operating Room, Tracy had been prepped, shaved, epiduraled and everything! In fact, they were making the incision as I walked in.
Taking my place by Tracy's side, I smiled and tried to be as encouraging as possible. The doctors helped a LOT by keeping conversation light and playful.
For example, Dr. Johnson (anesthesiologist) joked with Dr. Hamilton that he would have to "wake him up in a few minutes."
Dr. Hamilton said, "Yeah, Tracy...I forgot to tell you that I'm narcoleptic. I'll probably fall over asleep in the middle of this!"
Tracy, quite accustomed to dealing with this kind of humor, replied, "Yeah, and I forgot to tell YOU that all the checks I've written you are HOT!"
Dr. H. continued the jokes, at one point saying that Tracy's "insides looked JUST like in the textbook!" I replied, "Nurse, could you turn the page for him now?!!"
When sewing up her uterus, he informed us of what he was doing and said, " that the liver? I always get those two mixed up!"
Another point of interest came as he was about to cut open the sack of amniotic fluid. He actually SAW Fischer gasp as if trying to breathe BEFORE he was taken out! So Fischer did breathe in quite a bit of fluid. Dr. H. said that was a first for him in ten years of practice!
Coming next..."Recovering Fischer"

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Waiting Stinks!

OK...I promised I would write about our new son, Fischer. I got here and realized I had left my notebook at home!
However, I jotted this down the night before Fischer was born...enjoy!

9:25 P.M.
August 9, 2005

We are sitting here awaiting the birth of our son. Worry and joy are flooding through my heart, but joy is dominating. Being a Christian helps…knowing He’s in control. It’s so awesome to know God, and to know that He is the best doctor in the world!
Even here, amid lights and beeps, I.V.’s and wires…even here, I can feel His presence. Maybe it’s because I sense LIFE here…a small life formed by the hands of God, about to enter into the world.
Or maybe it’s because you can sense a spirit of caring in the hospital. Caring…one of the positive traits that God implanted in the hearts of men and women. Caring…healing…one of Jesus’ main purposes while here on earth.
I’m sure I can sense God because of all these, but also simply because He IS here in person! Jesus promised that He would be with me always...I believe Him!

If I go to “work” at the church building, He is there! If I go to play golf, He is there! If I go home to enjoy a quiet night with my wife (not any more!), He is there! And, if I go to the hospital to have a baby boy, He is there! What a comfort!