Friday, August 19, 2005

Operation Fischer

5:30 p.m.
August 10, 2005

By the time I entered the Operating Room, Tracy had been prepped, shaved, epiduraled and everything! In fact, they were making the incision as I walked in.
Taking my place by Tracy's side, I smiled and tried to be as encouraging as possible. The doctors helped a LOT by keeping conversation light and playful.
For example, Dr. Johnson (anesthesiologist) joked with Dr. Hamilton that he would have to "wake him up in a few minutes."
Dr. Hamilton said, "Yeah, Tracy...I forgot to tell you that I'm narcoleptic. I'll probably fall over asleep in the middle of this!"
Tracy, quite accustomed to dealing with this kind of humor, replied, "Yeah, and I forgot to tell YOU that all the checks I've written you are HOT!"
Dr. H. continued the jokes, at one point saying that Tracy's "insides looked JUST like in the textbook!" I replied, "Nurse, could you turn the page for him now?!!"
When sewing up her uterus, he informed us of what he was doing and said, " that the liver? I always get those two mixed up!"
Another point of interest came as he was about to cut open the sack of amniotic fluid. He actually SAW Fischer gasp as if trying to breathe BEFORE he was taken out! So Fischer did breathe in quite a bit of fluid. Dr. H. said that was a first for him in ten years of practice!
Coming next..."Recovering Fischer"

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