Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Woman Who Gave Everything

She has a limited income. No, a VERY limited income. And yet, her heart was moved by our youth group teens a few weeks ago, who fasted for 30 hours to raise money for hungry children in the world.
Out of her limited income, she wants to share $30 each month with a hungry child. She considers herself very blessed, and wants to share.
But her amazing goodwill did not stop there.
"Can I talk to you?" she asked as I turned away from another church member.
I walked behind her and her head-covering (she's from another country) into the foyer. She told me that she wanted to do MORE. She wanted to contribute to the teenagers (so they could help more children), but she didn't have any more money. So, she devised a plan...
She went to a local grocery store and asked permission to sit outside and collect money. I'm surprised they told her yes. Well, at least for a short time until the next manager came on the clock. Then she was told she had to leave. But by that time she had collected over $50, which she handed to me in an envelope.
My first reaction is my American sense of social propriety: "It's not right to ask money for a cause as an individual! How will people believe you?"
But I caught myself and corrected my first reaction: "What a beautiful thing! This sweet woman had no money of her own and had NO problem asking for help from others."

How many things do not get accomplished because of our sense of pride? Because we won't ask for help? Because we would rather do it ourselves?