Friday, June 30, 2006

Game Night!

As you can see, we had TONS of fun at our first game night! It was fun to watch the teens loosen up a little bit. Some of them (and myself) haven't loosened up completely, but that will come with time. This is the preacher's kid...hahahaha! He is a lot of fun. I'll bet he could make his dad crack up while preaching, but I won't push for it because that would get us BOTH into trouble! :)

All of our teenagers are SO talented! I am amazed as I get to know them...amazed that they excel in their different talents. Dancing, playing guitar, cello, singing, computers, making's so cool to watch them "do their thing!"

I hope I can encourage them (and YOU) to use their gifts for God...even if it's making people laugh!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dancing for Jesus

Cruising through the mall today, I decided to check out the lower level which is the "video games" level. Tracy caught up to me and Fischer just in time to witness a teen boy playing this video game...only it's not a video game!!
Probably the most genius invention in years, Dance Dance Revolution is a video game that gets kids (and adults) up and dancing instead of just using their thumbs! The picture on the right gives you a general idea.
The first time I played this game was with Jordan Maples. We were doing a teen activity together and I LOVED this game! I stink at keeping rhythm and dancing, but it was still lots of fun!
Now, back to my current story...
As we watched this incredible teenager dance, it was obvious he practiced a LOT! He was hitting every step with expert precision. He finally broke a sweat after about five minutes of continuous dancing.
I was so proud of my wife as she stepped forward to talk to him. She asked him if he practiced a lot and told him she was impressed with his skills.
"You ought to use your talent for Jesus!" she said.
"Yeah...I know," he breathed.
"Are you a Christian?"
They both smiled as they gave each other a high-five.
What an awesome moment...two Christians finding and encouraging one another! Oh, that we would ALL be so bold and step out of our comfort zones once in a while. I don't know the story of his life, but I know that young man's smile was 100% geniune! If you're ever in doubt about speaking the name of Jesus, just do it! You may get a pleasant surprise!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Peaches, Anyone?

Tonight was a lot of fun. We spent time with family and ate steaks and hot dogs. However, we were low on baby food and the only thing we had left was two vegetables (we usually feed him a veggie and a fruit!)
So, Fischer's great aunt rummaged through her pantry and found some diced peaches. They were very soft, so we gave him some. Apparently they were a bit sour, too! This was the result!

By the way, Happy Father's Day, Dad (and everyone else!)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Our First Omaha Funny!

Sorry it's been a while...we're still getting organized!

OK, we have our first "official" youth group funny! A group of us were playing Apples to Apples when it happened. We are still really new here, and I'm realizing that some people are having a problem getting Franklin and Fischer straight, sometimes changing my name for his or vice versa.
One of the girls in the youth group, Megan Tantillo, looked across the table at Tracy (who was holding Fischer) and asked, "Tracy, can I hold Franklin for a while?"
"Well, I guess!" Tracy laughed.
When she realized what she had said, we all burst out laughing.
I am looking forward to many more laughs in Omaha!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Stupid Cell Phones!

Quick update...

Our cell phone carrier STINKS!!!! I won't print their name, but it starts with "T" and ends with "Obile" (as Phil would say!) Sorry if any of you like them, but they are treating us like dirt. They will not let us out of our contract, even though we have NO SERVICE here! They told us that we have gone over our minutes. HELLO! We went over our minutes WELL before we reached Omaha! They also told us we had made a few calls from Omaha, and we informed them that those calls were DROPPED before we completed them! So...we may not get another cell phone until September...

Fischer climbed the stairs in our house today. Why does that have to happen while I'm at work?! Grandpa Sewell is now his best friend as they sit down every night and share some ice cream. Fischer sits back, crosses his legs and wait for the good stuff!

Hopefully we'll get all computers up and running soon (even my work computer has some kinks to work out) and we can put some pictures up! Until then, God bless and don't use T...obile!