Friday, June 30, 2006

Game Night!

As you can see, we had TONS of fun at our first game night! It was fun to watch the teens loosen up a little bit. Some of them (and myself) haven't loosened up completely, but that will come with time. This is the preacher's kid...hahahaha! He is a lot of fun. I'll bet he could make his dad crack up while preaching, but I won't push for it because that would get us BOTH into trouble! :)

All of our teenagers are SO talented! I am amazed as I get to know them...amazed that they excel in their different talents. Dancing, playing guitar, cello, singing, computers, making's so cool to watch them "do their thing!"

I hope I can encourage them (and YOU) to use their gifts for God...even if it's making people laugh!


Karen said...

That Nate is a hoot. I miss him. I miss pretty much all the kids you get to hang with now. They're good kids... can't wait to see them in August!

keli said...

hey Franklin!
it's Keli O'Brien from the church. haha.
ah, nate, he's one crazy dude!
hey, check out my myspace at