Monday, June 12, 2006

Our First Omaha Funny!

Sorry it's been a while...we're still getting organized!

OK, we have our first "official" youth group funny! A group of us were playing Apples to Apples when it happened. We are still really new here, and I'm realizing that some people are having a problem getting Franklin and Fischer straight, sometimes changing my name for his or vice versa.
One of the girls in the youth group, Megan Tantillo, looked across the table at Tracy (who was holding Fischer) and asked, "Tracy, can I hold Franklin for a while?"
"Well, I guess!" Tracy laughed.
When she realized what she had said, we all burst out laughing.
I am looking forward to many more laughs in Omaha!


Karen said...

Knowing Megan, I can only imagine how many shades of red she turned!

Good to meet another Apples to Apples fan. We played that game with Megan and her family (and several others there) on one of our last nights in Omaha.

Sorry I didn't get to meet you and your family when I was in town at the beginning of the month. It was a crazy Sunday morning... hopefully we'll meet up the next time (in August), when our whole family will be back there.

James & Dannielle said...

We don't have your address or home phone and miss you guys so much! We're so thankful things are going so well for you and wish you only the best. Please keep in touch and know you are loved!

Libby said...

Gosh, why would anyone wanna hold YOU instead of Fischer!?!? Just kidding. I'm sure it's a tie between you and Fischer for Tracy.
Miss you guys. Been working hard in summer school. Hoping to start an internship in a couple of weeks. Exciting stuff!
Call me sometime!