Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Curious George

Fischer is our own personal version of "Curious George!" Today was the prime example, as he could not keep his hands off of anything!
We put up our Christmas tree, thinking that would give him something to do. Imagine our flabbergastedness when an ornament was bowled across our living room floor!
Why does this kid have so much energy?!

On a side note, I took a nap earlier this evening. So when I went to bed, I stayed there for over an hour trying to sleep before I decided to get up and do something useful with my time.
I wrote some more on my novel and I'm now over 35,000 words. I had a good day, but doing 5,000 words a day for the next three days would be next to impossible. But what a great comeback story that would be!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


32. This was the number formed by forks in our front lawn this morning. I turned 32 yesterday, for those who are wondering.
We also had Post It Notes all over our basement window and front door. The door handle and forks had Vaseline on them, too.
Veeeeeeeeeeery creative, guys!

Tracy and I had a quaint little birthday celebration last night while some friends watched Fischer.
We had a nice dinner at Lazlo's. The baby back ribs were some of the best I've ever had. Our dessert was a chocolote brownie (thick) with ice cream and walnuts. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
Next was Mister Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Dustin Hoffman is in my top five best actors of all time. He actually makes you believe that he might be a 240 year old wonder afficionado and avid shoe wearer. It was a very bizarre movie, but several scenes were very touching...
In several scenes, Mr. Magorium is revealing his plan to "leave." In so doing, he is trying to leave his store in the care of his store manager, played by Natalie Portman. She doesn't understand him at first until he makes it clear...he's leaving for Heaven (although he leaves "heaven" open for interpretation.)
The scene that brought tears to my eyes, though, was one with a boy (maybe 10 years old) and the straight-laced, stuck up, unimaginative, stuffy accountant played by Jason Bateman. The boy was challenged by Mr. Magorium to find a friend. The next day, the accountant looks up from his work to see this boy watching him through the office window. The rest of their hastily scribbled conversation went something like this:
Boy: Do you like checkers?
Accountant: I did when I was a kid.
B: Wanna play?
A: I'm working.
B: How about when you're done?
A: (Zooming in on his answer) I'm never done working.

We wrapped up the evening by buying me some much-needed jeans from Kohl's. We found a buy one, get one free deal. Two of my pairs of jeans have gaping holes in them, one is so bad (I HAD to wear it the other night because we were doing laundry) that I kept pulling my pullover down to make sure nobody would see my underwear!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Awkward Silence

Awkward silence.

Don't you love it?
I had the distinct privilege of assisting our teens in leading a worship service tonight. Several of our young ladies planned the songs, and then worked the PowerPoint for the first time! The young men manned the sound booth, led the songs, and read scriptures. A couple of them even shared some thoughts on "family" (our topic.)
One of our worship leaders had an endearing moment tonight. Now you must understand that Lucas is a HUGE "teddy bear" of a kid! I'm not sure, but I think he stands around 6'3" and could hold about four Junior Highers on his back. And the cool thing is...he has the patience for something like that!
Lucas helped lead a few songs tonight, and was right on. His pitch was great, and he kept up a good tempo.
He led "The Greatest Commands." You know, the song with the four different parts? The singing was spectacular, and as all parts joined, Lucas wanted everyone to sing the final part one more time. But the song ended early in the PowerPoint presentation.
So he hesitated.
He waited while the girls at the back reversed through the slides until they got to the point he wanted.
Then he looked around with a sheepish grin and a nervous look in his eyes as if to ask, "Should we do it again?"
Nervous silence hung in the air for a few more seconds until he burst out, "GOD IS LOVE, GOD IS LOVE...!!" (which wasn't even the lead part, but that's OK!)

I thought it was cool that he wanted to sing the song again so badly. I thought it was cool that our church was OK with an awkward silence, not demanding "perfect worship." And I thought it was cool that the silence was broken with "God is love!!"
Lucas, you're my hero!

In case you're wondering, I surpassed 19,000 words earlier tonight. My friend Jeremy Divis is tearing it up! He has now passed the 34,000 word mark! Go, Jeremy, go!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Goals and Records

New word count is now at 13,523. I'm hoping I can get away later and zip past the 15K mark. If I can have a few "super sessions" perhaps I will get back on track. But, you know what? Even if I don't get back on track, I have 37 pages of a book that would have never been started if I hadn't signed up for this!

I broke another record of mine this morning. I ran a mile in 9:03. I haven't run that well since I was in college! Granted, I almost threw up afterwards, but I did it!! I'm shooting to break 9:00 a couple of times and then I need to shake up my routine. Maybe I'll turn to some distance running next.

Fischer continues to crack us up with new words. Yesterday, he had a scrape on his tummy. Tracy was rubbing some antibiotic ointment on it and he uttered more words we have never heard him say: "Be CAREFUL!"
On Wednesday, Tracy was picking him up from Wee School at church. Fischer had a great day, but was showing signs of weariness. He was cranky, so I escorted them out to the van. Fischer kept yelling, "I want candy! I want sucker!" When Tracy opened the sliding side door for him to get in, he darted around the other side and almost in front of other cars in the parking lot. But Tracy was quick enough to catch him, and she was mad.
"I'm not messing with you! You don't run away from Mommy in the parking lot!"
Fischer's reply...
"I'm not messing with YOU...gimme some candy!!!!"
She managed to shut the door before she turned towards me laughing hysterically. We can't stay mad very long with him. He is becoming our little comedian.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm Behind!

OK, so I'm a little behind on my word count for the month! I should be around 21,450 and I'm just now (earlier tonight) passing the 10,000 mark.
I knew that Akastasia was going to put a stop to my writing, and I was right.
But if anything would stop the writing, Akastasia was worth it. It definitely ran more smoothly than last year. We were on schedule or ahead of it the whole weekend! The worship and discussions were fantastic. I even got out and ice skated this year! And I did good!
As usual, there were a few hiccups. Some people wanting money, some kids causing trouble. I was glad to do what I could to help counsel a young lady who was asking for help.
Our teenagers in Nebraska need us. They need adults who care.
I am extremely proud of our teenagers and their work on this. I am also proud of our church, who came through in volunteering.
Saturday night worship was absolutely heavenly! I sensed the kids understanding the point we were getting across with the lesson, and really engaging in worship.
I was afraid they would lose their fervor on Sunday morning, since they would be joining the "old folks" for the regular assembly. I reassured them that the older folks LOVE hearing them sing, and seeing their enthusiasm. I was not disappointed. The atmosphere was electric! The kids stood up, clapped, and raised their hands. I wasn't trying to get them to do things that were uncomfortable. I was hoping they would find freedom in worship.
They taught me many lessons about freedom in of which is that I have a long way to go.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day 6

Tracy doesn't know I'm writing on my blog right now. She thinks I'm working on my novel. It is hilarious. She is seated at the computer (I'm on my laptop) with headphones on her ears (so as not to disturb me) dancing and loudly singing along with Natalie Grant!!

Fischer peed on me tonight. Yeah. He must have lifted his diaper and just squirted right into my lap! He was being so bad. After his bath, I left him for one second to change my clothes, came back and he had the toilet plunger on his face. I think he was singing into it like a microphone, but I don't remember because I screamed and jerked it away from him. I hope tomorrow is a better day for him.

I managed to get up early and write quite a bit this morning. I added a little bit on tonight, so my current total is 7,102 words. I think I'm supposed to be at about 10,000 but I'll take what i can get until after the youth rally is over this weekend.

Please be praying for everyone who will be traveling here this weekend. At last count, we had around 211 pre-registered. I am totally stoked about this and have been praying that God will show up and blow our minds at this rally. And I believe He will.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Day Two

OK, it's the end of Day Two.
It was really looking bad, with my busy schedule and all, but I stole 15 minutes here and there and still managed to write.
Cumulative word count: 3,290
This is about 700 short of where I need to be, but hopefully I can make that up tomorrow.

We took pictures today at church for a MOPs fundraiser. Why do women like pictures of their families with NO SHOES? It must be an artsy, beautiful, woman thing! My feet are hideous! The last thing I want to do is show them off on film. I think I was able to hide most of them behind very long pant legs.

As Tracy was leaving (AGAIN) tonight (she says "Yes" to TOO MANY THINGS, but that's another post) I picked Fischer up and told him to say goodbye to her.
"Bye bye, Tracy!"