Monday, November 19, 2007

Awkward Silence

Awkward silence.

Don't you love it?
I had the distinct privilege of assisting our teens in leading a worship service tonight. Several of our young ladies planned the songs, and then worked the PowerPoint for the first time! The young men manned the sound booth, led the songs, and read scriptures. A couple of them even shared some thoughts on "family" (our topic.)
One of our worship leaders had an endearing moment tonight. Now you must understand that Lucas is a HUGE "teddy bear" of a kid! I'm not sure, but I think he stands around 6'3" and could hold about four Junior Highers on his back. And the cool thing is...he has the patience for something like that!
Lucas helped lead a few songs tonight, and was right on. His pitch was great, and he kept up a good tempo.
He led "The Greatest Commands." You know, the song with the four different parts? The singing was spectacular, and as all parts joined, Lucas wanted everyone to sing the final part one more time. But the song ended early in the PowerPoint presentation.
So he hesitated.
He waited while the girls at the back reversed through the slides until they got to the point he wanted.
Then he looked around with a sheepish grin and a nervous look in his eyes as if to ask, "Should we do it again?"
Nervous silence hung in the air for a few more seconds until he burst out, "GOD IS LOVE, GOD IS LOVE...!!" (which wasn't even the lead part, but that's OK!)

I thought it was cool that he wanted to sing the song again so badly. I thought it was cool that our church was OK with an awkward silence, not demanding "perfect worship." And I thought it was cool that the silence was broken with "God is love!!"
Lucas, you're my hero!

In case you're wondering, I surpassed 19,000 words earlier tonight. My friend Jeremy Divis is tearing it up! He has now passed the 34,000 word mark! Go, Jeremy, go!!!

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