Thursday, January 20, 2011


...the name alone is enough to strike fear into the hearts of the..."not so fit."
Yes, I asked for P90X for Christmas and I am on Day 3. I will NOT post pictures of me shirtless...YOU'RE WELCOME! But, I should probably keep track of some other stuff.
I am starting at 255 lbs. I wear size 42 jeans and my gut hangs out over them! My eating habits over the holidays have been terrible (as usual!)
My goal is to drop at least 30 lbs. and POSSIBLY run a half marathon next January. I plan to go through P90X Lean first, and then go through the regular program.
Maybe if I chronicle about it, you kind and beautiful people will give me a shout every once in a while: "DON'T QUIT, FRANKLIN!"

Side Note: More importantly, I have been faithful to my daily Bible reading resolution. How are YOU doing?!