Thursday, October 02, 2008

Baby Garrison Newest Update

As of 9:30 tonight (a few hours ago) Garrison was down to 25% oxygen AND they have turned the ventilator down so much that he is doing 70% of the breathing on his own! His blood gas and white blood cell count are still very good.
So tomorrow may be the day he comes off the ventilator. But that brings whole new anxieties for us.
Let me tell you the best news. The nurse let Tracy and I change his diaper and take his temperature. As we were doing so, he opened his little eyes and tracked us the whole time! We got to speak soothing words and give him comforting touches instead of being poked or prodded. It was something we really needed, although Tracy still has a desperate longing to hold and nurse him.

Thank you all SO much for the emails, facebook messages, phone messages, and texts that we are receiving. We love you all so much.


Anonymous said...

Man, recorded one minute before midnight. How much sleep did you get, if any, and at what time might you have fallen to sleep.

I cannot imagine what you are feeling inside, though I did read at what you said to Terry Rush and his readers at his blog.

Youth Ministry Hilarity, very neat name. You mustn't be Church of Christ, with that title? just kidding if you are!!! hah, hah, hah!

Before I read your last post to Terry's post of yesterday, I had a hilarious thoughts of sorts.

The question of how to eat an elephant came to my mind, and do you know the answer? well, I will give it to you anyway, ONE BITE AT A TIME!

I was also thinking of don't stuff yourself, don't put it all in your mouth at one time, AND I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU/I ATE THE WHOLE ENCHILADA!!!

I didn't see or look at what city you are in, in Nebraska, but please look up my sister-in-law and her husband, Heather and Alan Weed, who live in Omaha. Give em a call and ask their church to pray for little Garrison. They, I believe, have a powerful prayer ministry. Also e-mail Dennis and Betty Jo Conner, at and tell them of Garrison's fight for life, and go to their ministry page of for more wonderful blessings.

May God's flow increase in your life even in these difficult times, In the love of Christ, jim cooke, member Golf Course Road Church of Christ, Midland, TX

Anonymous said...

just had to give you a few songs that are uplifting:
listen to all 3 songs - listen to as many as you like

jim cooke

preacherman said...

Wonderful news.
I am praying continuely brother.
May God continue to work in Garrison's life. God be with you and your family during this time. You and your family will be prayed for by our congregation on Sunday.

sis said...

So wonderful Franklin to see all these good Chrisians that are praying for Garrison and your family. Sounds like things are getting better. Praying the vent will be taken away today. Who would of ever thought to change a diaper would be a big event, but look how happy it made you and Tracy.
Love you Grandpa and Nana