Sunday, October 05, 2008

Garrison News

So much to write about, but I need to get some rest!

OK, first the update on Garrison:

Chest tube came out yesterday, and arterial line in his left arm (along with a lot of tape and a block of styrofoam to hold it in place) came off this morning! Slowly, but surely he is shedding wires and technology and doing it in on his own.

We tried at feeding earlier this evening. He fed for a few minutes earlier on, but the next go around he just stayed asleep or wouldn't work at it. So, unfortunately, the feeding tube got reinserted.

Since we are trying to feed him, Tracy packed up her things and is pretty much living at the NICU. She will try to feed him every 2-3 hours. Please pray for her strength and stamina (and health) as she endures some late nights and baby cries.

I must admit that I am not a fan of hospitals. But I think I am changing my mind. A hospital is not just a place of healing, it is a place of learning. You will learn to be patient, you will learn to hear the cries of others, you will learn to be OK with shedding tears and confronting difficult things in life. You will learn to be more thankful for your own health, you will learn that there ARE people who care in this world.

Most importantly, you will learn the importance of PRESENCE. God's presence is EVERYWHERE in hospitals. If you spend a while in one, you will know what I mean. You will also learn the importance of your presence for others who are hurting. When you are hurting, NOTHING beats seeing the face of a loved one, or getting a text or voicemail, or reading a loving email...anything that lets you know people are with you and thinking of you.

I tried to communicate that to our teens tonight (THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT ME IN THE HOSPITAL LOBBY!!! YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH I APPRECIATED THAT!) I hope they grasped this lesson and learn from it.

I hope I will grasp this lesson and learn from it.

I leave you with a song we used to sing for Fischer that I found myself humming to Garrison tonight:

I am a sheep and the LORD is my Shepherd

Watching over my soul

My soul to keep, guarding over me ever

Watching wherever I go

And when the winds blow

HE is my Shelter

And when I'm lost and alone

HE rescues me

And when the lion comes

HE is my Victory

Constantly watching over me

Yes, HE is constantly watching over me!!

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