Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hi Everyone!

First of all, I gotta say "Thanks!" for all the prayers. Mommy and Daddy tell me that lots of people have been praying. All I know is, it was real tough a few days ago, and things went downhill from there. All these people were poking me and constantly badgering me. For a couple of days I was real sleepy and woke up with this gross tube in my mouth. I waited for just the right moment (4:00 am yesterday morning) to pull it out myself! Anyways, all that to say I'm feeling much better now, so thank you!

I opened my eyes tonight at feeding time, and Daddy happened to be there. He had a mask on his face, but his eyes were smiling REAL big!

Well, I'd better get back to sleep. Tomorrow might be a big day. If my lung x-rays are looking good, the doctors will remove my chest tube! (You can kinda see it under my raised arm.) They will probably also remove my PICC line (like an IV that goes straight into my artery.)

And here's the best part: If all that goes well, sometime soon I'll get to start feeding from Mommy. I really like being held by her, even if she's crying every time! (I guess that just means she wants to hold me a LOT!)

Tell my parents I'll be FINE. We'll be walking out of this hospital real soon!


sis said...

Oh Franklin thanks for the update and picture of this sweet little boy. How wonderful you were there when he woke up, so he could see his daddy,who with his mother and grandparents who have been at the hospital watching over him all this time. We pray this will be the day the tubes will come out. We give God thanks for this healing, and pray Garrison will keep on improving. We love you all, Grandpa and Nana

Amy Heldt said...

Great news! Wonderful picture!

preacherman said...

He is so cute.
I am glad he looks like his mom.
Just joking.
Want you to know that my church and I are praying continually. I pray you get the rest you need. I know having a sick child can drain your body and soul. It has been encouraging to me to see how God is working in your son life.

carrie said...

What a precious face! We are praying that you get to take him home soon and put all of these trials behind you. May God continue to give you strength!