Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ministry During Difficult Times: Part 2

During our recent ordeal, God opened up ANOTHER door for some ministry! (Insert sarcastic gasp here.)
Before Garrison was moved to the NICU, he had a WONDERFUL nurse name Onie in the nursery. She has worked there for over 30 years and seen it all! She is the sweetest lady ever, having volunteered at her church nursery for many, many years.
When she started asking questions about our church, I asked her about her own church-going background. Sadly, she told me about this church that had largely ignored her servant heart, and failed to return the love when she needed it the most. She felt lost in a mega-church crowd.
I told her about our little, imperfect-but-lovely church. I don't know if she will follow through on my invitation or not, but I pray she felt a connection to another believer in Christ for that short time we sat together in the nursery. I hope she was encouraged. I hope she will not stay discouraged in her relationship with God because other people failed in their relationship with her.
God bless you, Onie. We love you!

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preacherman said...

I have experienced that youth ministers have the least respect and oppinion are usually totally ignored. Thank you for bring this up Fran. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.