Thursday, October 09, 2008

He's Heeere!

Garrison (who I think I'll start calling Baby G) was cleared to come home this morning!! His lungs look like they have totally cleared up, all support (wires, etc.) was removed yesterday, and he is eating very well.

Coming home has been a relaxant for all of us. Tracy's been itching to come back for days. Garrison seems to know he's in a safe place where people won't inject him or poke anything down his throat. He has enjoyed cuddles with everyone, including older brother Fischer (THREE times today!) Of course, Grandma and Papa Sewell got their time in, too.

It's hard to put him down. Every time I pass by him, I have to stop and stare for a while. It feels like he is now "officially" ours. We've been wanting to hold him, protect him, comfort him, spoil him, and just love him. Now we get that chance.

We would just like to praise God. First of all, for hearing many prayers on behalf of Garrison. He is a compassionate God who wept with us through our doubts and fears. We also thank Him for all of our wonderful friends and family, who have been praying nonstop for us. We want you to know that your prayers brought us strength. Your prayers and encouragement brought us before God and helped us leave our problems at His throne.

God bless you all. We love you!


Shane Coffman said...

Welcome home, G!

preacherman said...

I am so glad he is home now. Prayers have been answers. It is wonderful to see that God works. Congratulations. I think he looks alot like you Franklin. Again, he is so cute. I hope you and the mom get some rest and have a great weekend.

Theresa said...

What a blessing!!!

sis said...

Franklin isn't wonderful to be on the mountain top now. We give God praise for this time in your life, and the care He showed us all. Enjoy these two cute little boys, and what joys they will bring to you and Tracy.
Love you all, Grandpa and Nana

One Observationist said...

That rocks man. Glad Baby G (Tracy isn't going to get mad at me for calling him that, is she?) is home. I'm so glad that you guys are home and I hope you will be able to take some time off and just relax. I'm sure it has been stressful for your whole family.

Love you guys!
Jeremy Divis

carrie said...

I am so happy for you guys! God is good! I know you are glad to have everyone in one place jsut as it should be! We love you guys!