Friday, September 26, 2008

Virtual Conversations

The following is a conversation that played out in my head on the way home from work:

Tracy: Well, you're home late.

Me: I know, but I just need a little understanding on your part tonight. I've stayed extra busy this week, because I'm trying to take some days off next week when our baby is born! There are a lot of big projects coming up that I've been working on. Then I come home and have to take care of a pregnant wife and a hyper three-year old! Things are just discouraging right now! People don't answer their e-mails or return phone calls. They SAY they will do something, and then don't. I need help! I just feel like everything's crashing down around me right now, and...

At this very moment in my virtual conversation (I'm not kidding) my CD holder that hangs from the driver's side visor (right in front of my eyes) comes loose from the velcro and swings open right toward my face!
In a millisecond, I stopped my rant and swung my head back to avoid getting hit.
And then I started laughing...hard.
It was like God was saying, "You're taking yourself WAY too seriously, Franklin! Lighten up, son, you're too tense! Here's something to wake you up and help you have a laugh."

In case you're wondering, my lovely wife was very sweet when I got home. She never said a thing about my coming home late!

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