Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fischer's Follies

My day off was rather entertaining today...

At mid-afternoon, we decided to take a walk, partially to help Tracy's soaring blood sugar, and partially to help Fischer's soaring energy levels. We all put our shoes on and exited through the door to the garage, where I ducked into my car and grabbed the garage door opener.
As we walked away, I pressed the button and watched the door shut.
Satisfied, we proceeded to walk for a good 30 minutes, enjoying the hills in our neighborhood and soothing Fischer, who fell and scraped his knee (the same knee he's scraped like 3 times now!)
Upon our return, I pushed the button and the garage door ascended. Tracy entered first, grabbed the door handle, tried to turn it, and hung her head.
"Who locked the door?"
"I'll give you one guess," I replied, flashing a Daddy-angry-stare at our 3-year old door-locker.
Fortunately, because of the beautiful weather, we had left our bedroom window open. After standing on a ladder for ten minutes, I was able to pry open the screen and scramble through the window.

After that fiasco, Fischer wanted to play in the back yard. He really turned on the charm, as kids always seem to do when you're mad at them.
"Daddy, come push me in the swing!"
I crumbled. He swung in silent bliss for several minutes.
"It's a nice day."
Yes it is, son.
"Fank you for pushing me, Dad."
"You're welcome, buddy."
"You can go inside now."

On a side note: I'm starting my own personal study of Leviticus, and you know what? The first study was INCREDIBLE!! I think I'm gonna enjoy this (I know, I can't believe I'm saying that about Leviticus either!)


ExperTise said...
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CodyFenske said...

Hey Franklin, It's Cody.
I just found this from the church's links. I'll be sure to check this from time to time.

Later, dude.