Friday, September 05, 2008

Conventions and Caucases

Why do people love to argue about politics so much? That is probably why I don't like to talk about it a whole lot. However, a thought has been burning in my mind...
A lot of people are down on John McCain for "playing up" his military career. He is using his POW status to grab the attention of the people, and perhaps get more votes. To those who think this way:
Is Obama any different?
We have to remember that these guys are politicians. They are running for the same office. OF COURSE they are going to play up their strengths (and weaknesses, for sympathy sake) to gain votes!! We do the same when we...
  • Interview for a job (I HATE the interview process for youth ministry positions! I feel almost dirty when I highlight my successes in order to gain a job in which I am meant to be a servant.)
  • Date and/or marry. Don't tell me that you don't chuckle when you see a young man trying to show off to catch his girl's eye!
  • Meet a stranger. First impressions are a PILLAR of our society (are they not?)

Let me see if I can name some of Obama's strong points: young, dynamic speaker, compassionate toward the lower socio-economic classes, doesn't associate with a psycho pastor...

Now, how did I know all that? Was it just my keen sense of observation, or did he play up his strengths as well? (And avoided making himself look bad with the whole pastor thing!)

My point is not to pick one candidate over another. It is simply a cry for us to realize that we are nit-picky people. Character assasination is not supposed to be in a Christian's reportoire of behavior. Maybe we should be praying for both candidates instead of choosing who to like and who to hate.


Theresa said...

I totally know how you feel about the interviewing thing. It's difficult reconciling being a Christian, a humble servant, yet projecting self-confidence and achieving success.

I'm really intrigued by the idea of praying for the candidates instead of picking who to root for. Maybe it's because I'm scared of both of them.

Franklin, I may not always comment, but I sure enjoy reading your blog when I get a chance. You always give me something to think about and encourage me in my spiritual walk. Thank you for that and God bless!

Shane Coffman said...

I guess we're all on the same page when it comes to job interviewing. It just comes across as arrogant...which is the exact opposite of what we want to be and portray.

Oh, well, I hope to not be in that position again for a long while...