Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stupid Human Tricks

Here is a recent photo of our son. A few days after this pic was taken, we discovered that he has a unique talent...he can roll his tongue to a vertical position!
We both laughed hysterically at this newfound skill. His mom could not imitate it, and wondered aloud where he could have picked up this talent. So, I turned to her and showed off my own glossal gymnastics (tongue tricks!)

I've seen a few cool human tricks in person:
  • Clasping hands at waist level (behind the back) and bringing them over the head.
  • Chugging Tabasco sauce (yes, it IS a talent!)
  • A girl climbing a 25-foot wall in under 6 seconds.
  • Weird Al Yankovich grabbing his foot and putting it behind his head (while standing!)

What is the coolest stupid human trick that you can perform or that you have witnessed?


Anonymous said...

Besides picking my nose... I can snap with my toes better than my fingers!!

Tracy said...

Hey Baby,
I don't have any stupid human tricks...sorry. But you still love me. Tracy

Kyle Fletcher said...

Hey Franklin. I found out that a college freshmen will strap belts across his chest in an "X", call himself "Rambo" and pose down to impress high school girls. It may not be an official “stupid human trick” but it was pretty funny and stupid.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

tricks... I have double jointed thumbs and some crazy knuckles... i guess that qualifies as a talent?? -alyce