Saturday, February 25, 2006

24-Hour Fast

I know...usually our youth group does a 30-Hour Fast. It changed this year because we were expecting company and because it's been a long week, and I didn't plan as much as I wanted to.
I always learn something new about God during a fast. We go without food, but get full on God! This year, we made a care box for a young couple who lost a child recently. We also did a Jesus Walk (we walked with Jesus from the garden of Gethsemane to the crucifixion.) I had the kids feel helpless, get betrayed, feel deserted, get falsely accused, be hated by strangers, carry a cross, and feel nails of crucifixion.
Here are some things I learned...
  1. Not everyone carries the cross the same way. One of the teens told another, "You're doing it wrong!" We discussed how it might look different, but it's not necessarily wrong. Isn't that true of God's people? We all have different gifts and different lives, but we all can carry our cross for God's glory!
  2. Sometimes we rush through our time spent with Jesus. Some of the teens wanted to rush from station to station without really contemplating each stage of the Jesus walk. I guess I'm guilty of the same thing sometimes. Hurry up and get your Bible reading done. Help this person will only take ten minutes. I need to spend more time with Jesus instead of just putting Him on my "To Do" list.
  3. I am extremely blessed! I don't have to worry where my next meal is coming from! I know that I will get at least three meals a day, and probably snacks, too! When you have no food, you have no energy...but people go on with life anyway! I am so spoiled because if I miss ONE meal I get cranky!

Fasting is a lost discipline among Christians today...especially among churches of Christ. Maybe if we all did it more, we would learn more to depend on God.

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