Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fischer Takes Over!!

Hi, my name is Fischer and my daddy is letting me take over his blog for today. I am about to take a bath, so this will have to be quick!
My daddy got to stay home today, but he was sick. I hope he gets better soon.
For some reason, mommy and daddy have been hugging a lot today. Then we got in the car and took some flowers and cards to people who don't have family any more. Mommy cried later on when daddy gave her a card. Adults are weird!
I got to laugh a lot today and tomorrow I get to go to Bible class! I will see my teachers and then probably some of the teenagers will hold me after class. Church is neat because so many people there love me. Mommy and daddy tell me that God loves me too!
I also love to see my grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, cousins, and the rest of my HUGE family! Sometimes they have to come to "Podunk City" to visit us (that's what my daddy says) and that's a lot of fun.
Well, it's time for my bath so I'd better run. Hope you all sleep good tonight and eat well tomorrow!
- Fischer


judy said...

Fischer you did a good job for Daddy on his blog. Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Grandma Judy

Anonymous said...

Fischer,you have really are one smart little guy.Sitting up there doing Daddy's work. Who would of thought you would be so smart, but look who you have for parents, they are pretty smart too.
We love you Fischer,
Grandpa and Nana