Monday, January 30, 2006

Any Good News Out There?

It's only Monday, and already I've received terrible news from two great friends of mine. One couple lost their unborn baby and another got fired from a "church" in a bad situation.
Both friends live in Kansas. I wish I could be with them right now and, well...just be with them!
It's hard to know what to say when these weeks happen...nothing but bad news and hurt feelings. I just pray that God is seen as the answer and not the problem.

So...any good news out there? Anybody have some blessings they want to share? If some of my friends are getting rained on, there MUST be someone with some sunshine! Please share!!


Alyce said...

Hey Franklin! I've been meaning to come by and visit the family!! Good news... nothing too exciting going on in my life. I've been realizing recently that I have some pretty amazing friends and it is definately a blessing to have them in my life! Hope all is well!

judy said...

I got to see my son, daughter-in-law and grandson last weekend. What can be greater than that!!! I enjoyed the time spent with them. It was fun having some time with Tracy. Of course, my adorable grandson gave me great joy. I could sit and hold him all day. Mom