Wednesday, January 18, 2006

2006 Resolutions: Part Two

OK, some more resolutions for this year:
1. Relationships - I want to have several folks of which I can say, "Yes, they are a close friend." I want to "hang out" again! Also, my youth ministry needs to be driven by relationships rather than developing good programs. I want to be "Older Brother" rather than Youth Ministry Director! I want to continue improving my relationship with my wife...I want to get better at being a servant.
2. God - I want to trust Him more with my life. I want to talk to Him like a close friend. I WILL read my Bible with my wife every day. We will go through the New Testament and actually STUDY the text. We will pray together. We will not just ask for things, but ask for opportunities. We will not just ask for things, but praise God for the abundance we already possess! I will examine my movie and CD collection and get rid of the things I would not allow my son to listen to or watch. I pray that God will lead me to a soul who needs to hear some Good News.

Alright, so I measured my body fat. Uuugh! So I'm about 25.9% That is waaaaaaaaaaay overfat! Looks like I need to get down to the range of 14.6 to 16.4 to be in an ideal range. Stay tuned for details!

Any new resolutions out there? What goals are YOU shooting for?

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