Thursday, January 12, 2006

2006 Resolutions:Part One

The time has come to once again make goals for the new year only to break them in about three weeks. I am determined to do better this year, though. I have written "check points" into my day planner so that I can track my progress. Here are a few of my "less important" goals. I write them down so that you can ask me how I'm doing later in the year.
1) Hobbies/Achievements - Finish a book by year's end! You probably know that I have several book ideas, but I never focused on one. This year, I am choosing ONE idea and working on it every week. I hope to be done with my first draft by summer. Then I will complete my third draft of it by December.
2) Weight - I'm not so much focusing on weight this year as body fat percentage. I have ordered some measuring calipers and I will let you know the bad news as soon as I get them! My goal is to get down to a healthy body fat percentage by the end of the year.

My next post will contain some more resolutions for 2006. Until then...WHAT ARE YOUR RESOLUTIONS FOR THIS YEAR? Maybe we can start following up with each other!!!!! Feel free to post a comment!

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Anonymous said...

My big ones are to read the Bible in a year which I only broke the first day. Read the "power" everyday. Read more books.