Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back From NYC

I'm back from my first week of Nebraska Youth Camp (got ya, didn't I?!)
I'm always amazed about church camps. It doesn't matter about your impression of the camp, because there are always people who LOVE their camp!!!
The best thing about NYC (and any church camp) is the people. Following are some memorable moments/sayings from Senior Session at camp...
  • "Prayer is like brocolli ice-cream. Ice-cream tastes good, but brocolli is good for you in the long run. Prayer is great when you're doing it, but it's also good for you in the long run." (from a devo by Cory Adrian, a camper.)
  • "At camp I didn't really make many new friends for a couple of years because I thought my circle of friends was already too big. But then I realized that my circle of friends should NEVER be 'too big!'" (devo by Jared Leinen, co-director.)
  • "If we can't go to our brothers and sisters in Christ for mercy and help when we sin, then why would we need church?" (devo by John M.)
  • Campfire singing is sweet!
  • For those who tried to "get me" with Owa Tagu Siam...sorry, I already know that language!
  • I LOVE being a teacher and "seeing the lightbulbs go off."
  • I thoroughly enjoyed extra time to just sit back and read. I went throught Come To The Table while at camp. Very thought-provoking.
  • Wish we didn't have to go to camp to feel like we are close to God.

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