Sunday, August 06, 2006

Christians As Healers

I used to encourage teenagers to think about being youth ministers, or pulpit ministers or missionaries. Pretty narrow view, huh?

As I grow, I learn that there are SO many ways we can spread the good news about Jesus Christ.

One of those ways, I believe, is to reclaim something Christianity seems to be losing. WE NEED MORE CHRISTIANS TO BE DOCTORS! (And nurses, assistants, etc.) I mean, think about it...what did Jesus do with the majority of His time in ministry? He HEALED people! And for us to be more like Christ, does it not follow that we Christians should be known as healers also?

At the rate our health costs are rising, I am afraid for the USA. I am afraid for my family! But, how awesome would it be if we raised up a generation to care about helping the hurts and needs of the world instead of "keeping up appearances" by earning lots of money?! Christ's people changed the world in the century after He ascended to Heaven...what stopped us?

I realize that some are more gifted at this than others. Myself, I can barely stand cleaning my son's dirty diapers (I'm dreading his first time to throw up after eating only solid food!) What about you?


Bev Blair said...

I am a 53 year old mother, wife and teacher on a campaign to get my 25 year old son to go to medical school because I know he would make a great pediatrician. He is a faithful Christian teaching at a Christian High School, finishing up his MBA. I think you make a great point and I plan to spring it on him the next chance I get.

Franklin Wood said...

thanks, bev! Good luck, and I hope that your son enjoys whatever he chooses, and uses it to glorify God.

Anonymous said...

Just had to mention my friend Dean's son in law is a doctor who opened up a clinic for people who could not pay for services. His wife is a nurse who volunteers her services like he does, along with other good people. What a wonderful service to the Lord. He also serves the Church as a elder.
What a wonderful message Franklin.

Klay Hall said...

I must agree with you big F. We need to change the world for Christ from the inside out. Let's get plenty of Christians in all influential areas of life. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, scientists and any other field that directly works with individuals needs. We do need ministers but those who are sick need to be well before they can listen to those ministers.
My parents always taught me to be a Christian first regardless of the job or career I chose. We need Christian ditch diggers as well.