Friday, August 18, 2006

Late For School?

Imagine four boys showing up LATE for school one day, looking raggedy, tired, and kind of spooked. This is their excuse...

"We were about 3/4 of a mile from home when it happened, teacher. A BULL was just...standing there in the road! There was NO way around it! He must have jumped the fence because the pasture was right next to the road."

"Yeah," chimes in the second boy, "so we decided to wait! We stood there for several minutes waiting for him to move, but he wouldn't. We started to get scared that we would be late for class, so we started thinking what we could do!"

"Before we could decide," resumes the first boy,"HE (pointing to slightly embarassed boy who is hanging his head) pretended to THROW A ROCK at the bull. And, charged us!
We were scared to death, but managed to all run and jump over the fence into the pasture before he got to us! So, we had to walk through the wet grass and around a pond in order to get to school. THAT is why we are late!"

Do you believe their story?

It really happened! When we lived in Africa, we had to walk to the "elementary school." This bull showed up, and apparently, bulls are attracted to MOVEMENT! (Not necessarily color!) We believe it was mating season also, lending to the testosterone levels of the bull.

Have you ever given an excuse that NOBODY believed? OR...have you ever given a fake excuse?

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