Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bathroom Humor

Several years ago, I was interning for the Westwood Church of Christ in Edmond, OK and we were on a trip to Colorado to go white water rafting. The boys were in one minivan; me, the youth minister, his wife, and the girls were in the church van.

All of a sudden, one of the boys in the minivan got a stomach attack! He actually CAME UP off his seat and clasped his hands to his rear end! The pain in his bowels brought a hilarious grimace to his face. "Dude, stop the car!" he pleaded with the driver, who complied quickly.

As they rolled to a stop beside the busy highway, the afflicted boy threw open the side door, jumped out, squatted, and proceeded to relieve his anguish right there by the side of the road!
In the midst of their laughter, the other boys realized that their friend was exposed for all to see, so they hopped out and surrounded their friend to give him some sort of privacy.

To make matters worse, the youth minister noticed the minivan had stopped and pulled over also. He put the church van in reverse and started back toward the group of boys, not knowing what was happening!

The boys, laughing the whole time, waved off the youth minister because they didn't want the girls to get close enough to see their friend in his embarassing situation. The youth minister, confused, stopped the van and walked back to see what was going on.
He returned laughing, and I later got to hear the full story!

I have never heard of someone having that bad of an attack! However, it was really cool of those other boys to have the presence of mind to protect their friend and help maintain modesty in a difficult situation!

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