Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not good enough

I just wrote two posts, but decided neither was "good enough" to publish. I saved one as a draft...who knows? Maybe I will put it online one of these days.
Why do I feel the need to publish "the perfect article" on my own blog? Why the need for perfection?
I guess I want other people to identify with me...with my thoughts and feelings. I want people to comment on my blog and say, "I know how that feels!" I want people to say, "Great post, man!"
I wish I wasn't cursed with this need for affirmation! It's around me all the time! Is this a good sermon? Did I make that person laugh? Have I changed someone's life today?
Wish humanity wasn't infected with the "Am I good enough?" disease.


Shane Coffman said...

You said:

I wish I wasn't cursed with this need for affirmation.

My reply:

I know how that feels! I've discovered as I've entered into ministry that my "job results" are no longer as tangible as I'm used to, therefore I find myself craving affirmation from those around me. It's hard to turn that over to God and not worry about it.

Great post, man!

Chad Knappier said...

Hi Franklin. I hope you are enjoying your new home.

One Observationist said...

First thought: I can relate. I think all of us feel that way in some form or another. I mean we all seek the Father's approval that's why we try to justify everything, right?

Over the last few years I'm getting to a point where I care, but I don't. I mean deep down inside I still long for the 'love of man', but more and more I find myself doing things because I think they're right or on the flip side I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

Anyway, keep the thoughts coming. I'll read anything you post and won't judge you for it. We haven't met yet, but I look forward to seeing you at church sometime.


P.S. Enjoyed your sermon a few weeks ago when you ran everyone off. My wife mentioned that she heard you a while back and you reminded her of her brother. He’s also a minister. That’s a good thing I think. LOL.

Klay Hall said...

Franklin I was just going through your blog and catching up on what you have written. I came across this one and it struck me. I do the same thing. I never feel it is good enough to put out there. Then I usually tell myself that it is my blog and I should post it regardless of the quality. I know what you mean about affirmation as well. It is tough and I think everyone does struggle with it. Some just struggle with it a little harder.
However what usually happens is I have this great inspiration while I am driving down the road and I have nothing to write on and then I can't recall it just the way I wanted to and it doesn't "sound" as good as it did driving down the road.

By the way you have an awesome blog and you are a great friend for posting on mine. I think you hold the record for most post replies.
Tulsa is just around the corner. Let's plan supper together on Friday or Saturday night with our families. Maybe the new Casa Bonita will be open!