Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Biggest Hypocrite

Lately, I have been feeling like the biggest hypocrite ever...

Last night, I gave the campfire devotional at Nebraska Youth Camp. This is nothing new for me...I have done tons of devotionals. I enjoy doing them! The subject was God and His power to produce change in our lives. As the devo ended, I challenged the kids to think about/talk about/pray about the things in their lives that they needed God's power to change.

Guess who still hasn't done that homework?! (ME!)

And, the sad thing is...this happens all the time! When I speak, I give a challenge...I want people's lives to be more holy! I wonder why I don't hear more stories of great things happening as people take up the challenge to live like Jesus! And then, looking at myself, I realize that I don't take the challenges seriously either! When others give devotionals or sermons, I listen and nod my head and say, "Amen!" but then do nothing the rest of the week to live out that challenge! (Sometimes I wonder if I am the only youth minister/minister that experiences this feeling?)

But, should I stop challenging God's people? Should I stop challenging myself? Should I stop listening to lessons until I'm ready to act upon them?

No...I will continue to listen and be challenged...and ask God to give me the courage to live more like Jesus. I will ask God to come in and change my own hypocritical heart.


carrie said...

I have felt that way before, too. I desire to be the kind of person that is constantly studying, praying, ect. I have not gotten there, yet. I do know that in all of the times I have taught or challenged young people, my intentions were right. I also know that your intentions are right. I feel that is a way Satan attacks those that are encouraging other people! Keep up those great talks!

Judy said...

I think we all feel that way at times. Maybe we need to be encouraging each other more to make the changes we want to and need to in our lives. Instead of talking about so many superficial things, maybe we should be saying: How are you doing on your spiritual walk? What can I do to help encourage you? We need to be more accountable to each other. If we know what someone is struggling with we can help by letting them know that we are praying for them.