Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dog Lover!

I think we have a dog lover on our hands! Although this pic was taken a couple of months ago, it is something that happens every day...
I take Fischer into the backyard and his eyes immediately scan for dogs in the two yards that back up to ours. He especially likes the little white fluffy dog that barks and runs to greet us at the fence.
Fischer will watch him for a few minutes and then tentatively stick a little finger out to touch him. The dog replies with a lick-attack on Fischer's finger which brings squeals of delight!
I've had some great dogs through the years...
  • Penny Puppy was our first as kids. A beatiful Beagle who loved to run!
  • Rocky was the most powerful Irish Setter I've ever known. He dragged my brother and I on the leash! We were never sure who was taking who for a walk!
  • Lucky (a Rhodesian Ridgeback) So named because he lived when several other of our dogs in Africa died before a year of age. Protected a friend of ours from a spitting cobra.
  • Mason, another first. Our first dog after Tracy and I got married. He was a pretty Cocker Spaniel with attitude! He was our first child before we had Fischer.

Hopefully, Fischer will follow in this tradition...learning to love our wonderful canine companions!

Feel free to share your dog stories!

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keli said...

yeah, this isn't about my dog.
but, I did find out what Materazzi said (yeah, I'm just a little obsessed about this)
I hope an ugly death to you and all your family..
Go (something not nice) yourself.