Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Smiling at God

I wonder if God feels like parents do?
I mean, God is "our Father," right?
Do my experiences give me a glimpse of what God might feel for His children? Let me give some examples...
When my children come to me with their problems, I am honored. It's not a power trip. No, I would love for my kids to be able to handle their own problems. But, since I love them so much, I WANT to help them!
When my children smile at me, my heart just melts. I'll do anything I can just to see a grin! But here's the best part: when I manage to make them smile through tears. It's those times when my children understand that Daddy loves them, even when life is rough.

Have you smiled at God lately?


Karen said...

Great reminder, Franklin.

I've come to realize why so many of us struggle sometimes with the concept of Father God. Our earthly fathers are often no comparison. Obviously, you are an exception! :) But for those who come from dysfunction, with daddies who are distant, or worse... downright mean/abusive, have a hard time reconciling the concept of God as father.

Anonymous said...

"Have you smiled at God lately?"


Franklin Wood said...

I hope you read the rest of the post and that it gives you hope.
Notice I said that as a Father I will do whatever I can to get my children to smile.
God WANTS you to smile and be happy!
No, life will not always be easy and filled with laughter, but it can be filled with joy.
God loves you. And you are not "Anonymous" to Him!
Blessings to you.