Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tulsa Workshop

Ah, good times were had by all in Oklahoma this year. It's always a joy to go to Tulsa. One, my family is in OK. I also enjoy seeing my spiritual family and being inspired by the lessons.
Some highlights from this year in Tulsa:
  • While at Braum's (restaurant) Fischer spied a man wearing an eyepatch. He squealed, "Dad, that man looks like a pirate!" As we passed the man on the way to the bathroom, Fischer opened his mouth to make the announcement a second time. I quickly clapped my hand over his mouth. The pirate smiled.
  • From Rick Atchley's class on Identity: "If you take Christianity out of your life, what would you have left? Would your life look pretty much the same, except for cussing a little more and not having anything to do on Sundays? If your life would look the same, then you don't have Christ. What you have is a hobby." Wow! Preach it, Rick!
  • Weather: On the way in - dry as a bone; saw fires burning in nearby towns. Then, cold and wet. Saturday - SNOWED ALL DAY LONG. No comment...
  • In our hotel room, we had two queen-size beds. Fischer was being hyper, doing "boy things." As he jumped on one bed, he looked at the other one and a light bulb went off. He gathered his courage and made the 3 and 1/2 foot jump from one bed to the other, and stuck the landing! While Tracy scolded him, I silently said to her, "That was AWESOME!" I would NEVER have done that as a 3-year old! We have a little daredevil!

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Todd Brumley said...

I would have loved to have been at Braum's with you to hear your son talk about Pirates!!! I went to walmart the other day and bought some of those eye patches...its fun to wear them around town and see what kind of looks you can get from people!