Monday, March 16, 2009

Seven Years

Who says your 7 year anniversary has to be boring?
My lovely bride will be posting pictures and and commentary sometime soon. Check out her blog here.
But our date was fun, too. One restaurant for a delicious meal, and then off to another for dessert. We finished off the night at Family Fun Center, playing video games and earning enough tickets to buy several little trinkets to bring home for Fischer!
I love the fact that Tracy still loves to have fun. And I love it that we don't have to do fancy things to have a good time. That's part of her secret to being a good mother, too...she is inventive, creative, and adventurous.
Psychologists have used the phrase "seven year itch" to describe declining interest in a marriage after seven years or so.
The only thing for which I "itch" is to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful, spunky gal that I call my wife! She is amazing, loving, sometimes overanxious, thoughtful, funny, incredibly maternal, friendly, and fun to be around. Not to mention that she has put up with ME (and being a youth minister's WIFE) for seven years now!!
Happy anniversary, Tracy. I love you, and I love everything about you!


Judy said...

I'm happy that you had such a wonderful anniversary. I'm excited that I'll see you next week.

sis said...

Franklin what a beautiful blog. You are one great guy. Glad you are married to a wonderful lady, my granddaughter.
Love you, Nana

One Observationist said...

Amen bro. At year seven things started getting even better with Christa. The seven year itch nonsense is almost like an excuse people like to use.

Which eateries did you guys go to?

P.S. I like the new look but I kind of miss the dudes with the facial hair!