Wednesday, April 08, 2009


"All pilgrims will receive complete absolution for all sins committed while on crusade, and should death befall anyone who takes the cross, his soul is assured swift admission into paradise."

How could a people be so duped into believing such things? How could a church allow their priesthood to have so much power as to claim that they can absolve sins? Didn't Jesus himself say "Who can forgive sins but God alone?"

It's interesting to read about the Crusades. Even though the book is just a fictional story based on history. ("The Iron Lance" by Stephen Lawhead.)

Another interesting quote:
"'The blood of the enemy will be a rich sacrifice for God and His holy church,' the captain of the guard replied."

The blood of the enemy? What about, "serving our enemy will be a rich sacrifice for God?!" Killing our enemies sounds nothing like Christ.
Interesting to read about the darkest chapter of Christianity and get a glimpse into their belief system.

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