Friday, February 13, 2009

Venting Time...

Sometimes I get frustrated with all the talk I hear that bashes churches, and sometimes religion as a whole. (By the way, these comments come from a general discontent and not in response to any one blog or conversation.)
These folks believe that religion has failed because it has abused its power. Therefore, it is a failed system.
Perhaps my reasoning is faulty, but shouldn't those people carry that thought into other parts of their lives as well?
If religion has failed because it has abused others...
  • then "marriage" doesn't work either.
  • the place you work has failed.
  • then "families" are a failed system.
  • any type of government should be avoided.
  • the use of money should be stopped.
  • you should pull your kids out of public schools.
  • then relationships are a failed system.

My point is this: If you rail against religion (and avoid it at all costs) because it has abused others, then shouldn't you avoid all other failed systems? Be consistent!

I think you will run into a problem. NO system is perfect. NO system is foolproof. Why? Because flawed people get into them and make a mess. Yes, even individuals are a flawed system.

We (including me) like to complain. Instead of owning up to a problem of our own, we look for flaws in something or someone else. It's so easy to spot the evil in someone else and be a critic. Instead of looking at flaws, why don't we examine what's RIGHT about something and build off of that? Why don't we ENCOURAGE one another to make all of life's "systems" better?!

Otherwise, we'll end up lonely and bitter, because nothing will ever "work." Everything will fail. And it will be everyone else's fault.


Judy said...

People can use a lot of excuses to run away from God. I know God must hurt when he hears those of us who are His children complaining. As you said people end up lonely and bitter. It is hard to be around people who complain all the time because you become that way, too. We all do need to look for good and encourage one another. I feel like a rant right now, too. Too much complaining in the Lord's church and not enough loving and doing. I need to get off my couch and get busy, too.

One Observationist said...

Hey man - hope your trip to Florida was nice and HOT. Maybe you'll get back just in time to join us in our celebration of snow!!

I agree with you. People that complain simply to complain have issues that none of us will be able to help them with (most likely).

I do, however, sympathize with those that have been hurt by religion. I think the trust that they had has been damaged to such a point that they do not know how to deal with it in a healthy way.

As far as your reasoning about failed institutions I really think it comes down to trust. I have been doing some reading (and soul searching) and I think a major issue someone has with any institution or relationship pretty much boils down to trust.

Do I trust religion? Do I trust the government? Do I trust the people around me? Do I trust my spouse? Do I trust me?

If some guy distrusts his spouse because she had an affair, but he still trusts his employer to cut him a paycheck, is that inconsistent behavior?

In some respects I think our trust in people or institutions is compartmentalized. We can trust in some people/groups and not in others.

Good thoughts man. Looking forward to lunch sometime soon.