Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Blessings: Omaha

Omaha is a beautiful place that I am coming to love.

As a city, it has good jobs, plenty of activities (many golf courses!) , excellent schools, great healthcare...

OK, I have to go on a tangent here. Our pediatrician, Dr. Severson, is the most amazing doctor I have ever met. When Garrison was in the hospital with a collapsed lung, Dr. Severson came to see him every day, even though Garrison's case was being handled by the hospital's pediatrician! He was SO helpful, explaining medical terms and procedures to Tracy and I in ways that we could understand. Dr. Severson, you are truly a caring doctor, and give me faith in the medical community!

Omaha is a caring community. There are at least two homeless shelters that I know of, and many agencies that distribute food, give jobs, and care for the elderly.

The people of Omaha will surprise you. They have a constant positive attitude. They believe their Huskers will win EVERY game no matter how badly they have played previously! They love their city and take pride in it...and it shows. Personal property is well-manicured. Trees and flowers abound in neighborhoods. People love to get out when it's warm (and sometimes when it's cold!) and walk the series of trails flowing throughout the city. Oh, and I MUST mention that our road crews do a FANTASTIC job of removing snow (one of our church members is on this crew, tirelessly driving the streets at all hours of day and night!)

I love the fact that Omaha is a "little" big city. Plenty to do, but not so big that you will get lost among throngs of people. I am blessed to live in this great city!

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Theresa said...

We LOOOOVE Dr. Severson! He was both my sisters' pediatrician, and you can bet he's Hannah's too. I love how he always said "She's perfect!" You know he said it to every parent, but he was still right each time :) Also, the girls always loved that he looked for puppies in their ears. He does always explain things so well and is so caring. That's really neat to see how he cared for little Garrison too.