Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Thought

Wealth breeds greed; poverty breeds need.

This is another one of those thoughts that has been jumping around in my brain.

The statement hits me on two levels:
First of all, in the physical world. I'm already blessed, but still seem to notice things I DON'T have! Those who are in poverty are in great need. Oh, sure they can be greedy, too, but for the most part are just happy to have enough to get by.

Spiritually, this phrase rings true as well. I think our wealthy culture is becoming "turned off" of God because we don't need Him any more...we have everything we need! In December, I attended a church in downtown Omaha for the homeless and near-homeless. Guess what their worship was like!! Those who do not have things seem to appreciate their need for God to meet their needs. They NEED God more than those who have the ability to meet their own needs.


Theresa said...

I remember when I first moved out. I was 20, a full-time college student, working 25 hours a week and living just fine. I mostly ate ramen noodles, mac'n cheese, generic brands, etc. There were months I didn't know how I'd make it, but it always worked out. I remember clinging to God daily to get me through.

I know I live more extravagantly now than then (and by that, I mean I buy clothes off the clearance rack and grabbing BK without checking my bank account!), but it's a daily battle to help Hannah see how blessed she is, not what she doesn't have. She does go to a school in a neighborhood above our income range. That being said, she does accept "no" well, and often when she's found something she wants, she'll just show me and won't ask to buy it :)

Whatever our circumstances, we just need to remember where we come from, whose we are and money is an external blessing from God - not something we're entitled to, but a blessing. Our soul needs to cling to God daily for survival, not to the pleasures of this life. I guess the fewer those pleasures are, the easier that tends to be.

Judy said...

Franklin, remember when we were in Africa. People didn't have much of this world's good, but they worshiped God wholeheartedly. I think when we are struggling we depend on God more and realize more of what He's done for us our whole lives. I think we definitely need to have a grateful heart that knows who truly provides our needs.