Monday, January 14, 2008

My Weight in 2008

OK, so around this time last year, I blogged about losing weight. And, it is still on my mind as I begin this year.
The Bad News - I gained back 10 pounds over the holidays, bringing my weight back up to (gulp!) 235 pounds.
The Good News - Last year, I started the year at 245 pounds, so I'm still 10 pounds lighter than last year! (And my heart and lungs are in MUCH better shape!)

Yes, the sweet temptations of the holidays were too much for me to bear. But, I AM proud of the fact that I did not gain back ALL of the weight. If I repeat last year and lose 20 pounds, and gain 10 back during holidays, then in 4 years I'll be 50 pounds lighter than I was last year!

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Theresa said...

I too lost and gained some weight, but am better off than when I started. For me the holidays were bad eating-wise, but it started before then. I got discouraged about something else, then got depressed and turned to food instead of God. Thank you for your encouragement of being on the right track, too. I love how positive you are, as I really beat myself up. Thank you for providing such a great example for me!