Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Fight

He sighs audibly and takes the first step down to "the dungeon." When they fight, his reaction is to go to his room, his big screen TV, his lair, his space where he can escape.
"Where are YOU going?" she asks without even glancing his way.
"Why do you care? It's obvious you don't want me around right now. Just go back to watching your show..."
She's been in a bad mood all day. He has misread her signals all day... her desire for his attention and some kind words. He moved a little too slow in getting some chores done.
She knows that her mood hasn't been the best. She acknowledges that she's been somewhat snippy. But she doesn't want him to leave!
"So, you would rather watch TV by yourself than be with me?"
His answer is meant to hurt, to try to correct her behavior: "Right now? Yes."

How many households have this conversation (or something similar) every night across our country? How many times have YOU been tempted to fight this way?
I cannot help but think that after the man has had the last word, Jesus hangs his head in disappointment and thinks, "Don't treat her like that. I ALWAYS want to be with you...even when you're being a jerk."
I wish I thought more like Jesus when I had a fight. I wish that my concern would stay for the other person instead of dramatically shifting to ME, and the damage done to ME. I wish I would remember that the other person still craves LOVE and ATTENTION, even if they are angry with me.
Jesus, help me to fight like You.


Jimmy Mitchell said...

Franklin!! This is Jimmy from way back in the day at BA. I found you on Terry Rush's blog. What a small world!

carrie said...

You have been tagged. Read my blog for the details.