Tuesday, January 09, 2007


OK, so I've received a few comments about my last post. Several of you are concerned, and I thank you for checking up on me!
However, I should let you know that I am not depressed! Our marriage is NOT in trouble, nor do I have any serious condition. My wife and I HAVE been talking...I probably should never have put her in this equation! My point was supposed to be that I feel like I have been neglecting some relationships in my life, including my wife, my son, and the teenagers from my church.
All the other stuff is quite true, though. The heartburn, the restless nights. I am trying to capture how I feel when I am very overweight.
So, I hope I didn't scare you too badly! But please understand that I am NOT depressed...I am DETERMINED!! This is just a little experiment to compare the way I felt over the holidays (stuffed, sluggish, sick) and see how I feel after we begin to make some changes.

By the way, we have started working out this week and eating better (smaller portions, but more meals per day.) I feel IMMEDIATE results...I am actually HUNGRY, and not just eating because it is lunchtime. The heartburn has almost disappeared.
I want to continue to see how my body reacts and feels. Sorry for scaring you. Hope you aren't too scared to journey with me!!
Love you all. God bless. Franklin


dks3kinseys said...

I'm glad to know things are fine but you're focused on getting healthy. It must be a "guy" thing because James reacts the same way when he's feeling "out of shape". We miss you guys and wish we could get "determined" like you are so we could get in a healthy lifestyle. Take care and know you're loved!

Shane Coffman said...

Just so you know you're not alone...

My metabolism seems to be starting that mid-life change. I am gaining weight at a rate I have never been able to do before. Now, if it would just gain in my arms and legs that would be great, but, no, it all has to migrate toward my mid-section.

I need to become (more) disciplined about running, and I probably need to begin a shift in my diet from the junk I could eat all I wanted of when I was younger to what I'm going to need to be eating if I want to live a lot longer (and I do).

It's a lesson in discipline. There are spiritual applications waiting to be uncovered. Right after I finish this Twinkie for breakfast...

Shane Coffman said...

P.S. Thanks for the link ;-)

Aunt Shelly said...

You did'nt scare me,I have been there. I don't know how much Tracy has shared with you,but my Diabetes got pretty bad this year. I finally got scared enough that since last June 30th ,I run 4 miles a day,I still am on insulin but I feel so much better. I watched alittle better what i ate and have only lost 11 pounds in 6 months,but I feel so much better. I think your trying to look at the whole picture,just break it down,like maybe exercise first then some healthy eating. I do my run in the early morning with my headset on listening to praise music,every now and then I really get into the music and people use to stare,now they just wave. My mindset really changed when we got the bad news about Stacie,I realized then that I have to get in shape ,as I may have to take care of her someday. The running has also helped the doom that came with her prognosis. I finally realized that it may take 3 years to get all my weight off,but since I am taking small steps and making small changes,I do not feel so overwhelmed. We love you