Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Need for Affirmation

I see them every day. People that need some positive words spoken into their lives. People that need affirmation. People that just want someone else to like them!
  • American Idol - I don't know if it's real or not, but it breaks my heart to see those people cry. Would someone PLEASE say something positive about them?!
  • Teenagers - They so badly want to be noticed and loved. The teens at Southwest are SO talented! I probably don't affirm them enough.
  • Myself - When teenagers give me what I jokingly call "the death look" I find myself doubting whether or not to converse with them. I KNOW they want someone to talk to, but my own doubts about myself tell me, "They don't want to talk to you!" or "You'll get rejected...better not talk to them!"
  • Letters from Dad - The men at our church are learning from this amazing book. EVERY MAN (and woman) wants desperately to be blessed by their father. Our children need to know that we love them unconditionally.
I am pretty lucky. I've had parents and friends that have communicated their appreciation for me as a person. As a youth minister, I get positive feedback quite a bit. And yet, I STILL focus on the negative stuff WAY too much!
So, what's your story? Have you been affirmed lately? Have you affirmed someone else lately? Your family? Your friends? A stranger?

I appreciate you because you are God's special creation! You are a wonderful friend or family member. You have potential beyond your wildest dreams, and I believe that (with God's help) you can live up to that potential! Don't let your mistakes define you...you are much bigger than those mistakes. You are a "good" person because you are "God's" person!! God bless you today. Know that you are loved by me and many others...most especially by your proud Father in Heaven.


Anonymous said...

I tried to give an affirmation to several students in my classes today. One young lady thanked me for noting that the swim team had a success Tuesday evening. You are right. Teens do need lots of positive affirmations and positive attention and appreciation.

A PC Friend!

Franklin Wood said...

Thank you, PC friend, for making a difference!
I know that you made a HUGE impact in the life of that young lady the other day!!
Sounds like you are a teacher. I think affirmation adds a LOT to the learning process.
Keep encouraging those kids! God bless!