Sunday, November 02, 2008

Parenting Lessons

Finish this sentence:
I want my kid(s) to be the best ___________.

How did you fill in the blank?
Pianist? Quarterback? Chess player? Pitcher? Debater? Cheerleader? Student?

I see it all too often: Parents who live out their lives through their children. They want their kids to be cool, popular, "the best." They push their kids to practice hard at their chosen activity. They make sure they are at every practice early, and stay late. They sponsor all the activities, and shell out hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars to get their kids the BEST equipment.

We all want our children to be happy. We all want them to work hard. But I would encourage you to consider filling in the blank with something different...something that matters far more than any ballgame or competition.

I want my kid to be the best Christian that he can be.

I want to make sure he's at all the "practice sessions" he needs to get to know God. I want to make sure he has quality equipment for studying about his creator. I want to monetarily sponsor things that get him in touch with God's love and grace!

Can you say those words? Do your kids know that their soul is more important to you than their extracurriculars?

One of the parents at our church was talking to her son recently. He is the mascot for one of our local high schools. It's a horse named "Mighty." He was telling me that he didn't know if he could attend our youth rally (and help lead worship) because he might be mascotting. His mom replied with a smile, "I would rather you be doing mighty things than Mighty (the horse) things!"


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preacherman said...

I remember when I was youth minister I actually had a mom come into my office and ask if she should make her son go to church. I responded do you make your son go to school? She replied yes. I asked her how much more important is Church? She replied, what if he doesn't like me? I told her that in the long run he will thank you for it. As I reminded her of what Solomon says, "Remember the Lord while you are young."

I remember what my dad told me when my sons were born. He said, God has given you not just a son to take care of but a soul. Wow. I think parents have a huge repsonsiblity to help shape and mold our children into the imaage of Christ.

Great topic.
Keep up the great work!!!!!