Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yes, our annual youth rally called "Akastasia" is over. All of a sudden, we had about 180 guests from Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and South Dakota.
I love youth rallies.
It always starts off with everyone being a little awkward. They haven't seen each other in a month or more...some since summer camp. As the weekend progresses, you can see people loosen up, and maybe even establish new friendships.
This year was tough. Garrison's hospital stay put me WAY behind schedule on the planning. Several last minute decisions and phone calls had to be made. Our tradition of ice skating on Saturday did not happen this year. Several of our Christian colleges could not afford to support us financially.
But God LOVES showing up when we're worried about the way things will turn out!
A couple at our church offered to help pay for the t-shirts. I told them their offer could not have come at a better time since other financing did not work out. When the bill came in, I emailed them with the total and told them any amount would be appreciated. They paid the whole bill.
I also worried about our entertainment and game times. Soul Concern from York did an awesome job filling in almost last minute. And as far as games, teens would rather just hang out sometimes than be forced to play games.
Robert Cox did a PHENOMENAL job of speaking, as usual. He knows what struggles people are facing, and challenges them to face those struggles with God's help. His church families have such great stories.
And to top it off, one of our teens, Lucas Anderson, was baptized. He accepted God's grace, and committed himself to living a radical life for Jesus Christ. Then, after the teens had gone to their host homes, a lady from Kansas was baptized, too!
Several people sought me out to tell me what a wonderful rally it was. All I could do was shrug my shoulders, smile, and say, "It wasn't me. God was here and made this rally more than I ever planned or hoped for!"


Judy said...

It is amazing how God provides what we need in all circumstances. What an awesome God we serve. He works mightily through servants committed to Him. Your youth rally produced immediate fruit and who knows, it may produce even more. Praise God!

One Observationist said...

That's great man! Glad the youth rally went well! Don't discount your role in the whole process. God uses us to do his work.

Talk to you soon.

preacherman said...

I have been praying for the youth rally so hard and steadfast. I am so glad to heart that it went so well. I want you to know that you have a prayer warrior on your side. I know how difficult and also how much a joy at the same time youth ministry is and can be. I will continue to pray for those seeds that were planted through the youth rally will take root and continue to grow. I appreciate you brother and think it is great that you have a passsion for teens. I takes such a special person. Keep up the great work and again congratulations on the youth rally!

Theresa said...

Wow, that is so true! I'm a major planner and like to have things figured out, but it seems God works best when I don't! After all, didn't he say "my power is made perfect in weakness"? I'm discovering more and more that when I let go, He picks up the reins and takes me where I could never dream.