Thursday, October 04, 2007

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Just finished reading this autobiography of Duane "Dog" Chapman. He is better known by the title of his A&E TV show "Dog: The Bounty Hunter."

Even though it lacks lyrical beauty, this book was still fascinating. Dog's story is not beautiful, but harsh and real. You can tell there is a big heart inside this man, despite his history.

He begins and ends the book talking about family. His mother was obviously an inspiration to him as a person of faith. His dad, a rough-and-tumble boxer who knocked his kid around at home.

Dog's story roams from his childhood to his biker days, which were spent getting high, getting drunk, and getting together with loose women. A bad association landed him in a Texas jail as a young man. The book tells of his struggle to shed his checkered past, and make an honorable name for himself. After years of struggle, he has shared his story with many through the seminars of Tony Robbins, the well known motivational speaker. And finally, we read how Dog made a name for himself as a bail bondsman and bounty hunter. First, because he hunted down and apprehended serial rapist Andrew Luster. Secondly, because he works hard to plant seeds of change in the hearts of the criminals he hunts.

Even though it's full of foul language and immoral situations, I am glad I read this book. I couldn't believe how many times God was mentioned! Duane's conversations with God are real. He does not hide his struggle with faith, and yet has deep conviction that God has a plan for his life.

His story reminded me of Israel's story in the Bible. "We love you God, you are great!" soon turned into, "We'll do things ourselves...we don't need God!"

Isn't it great that our past does NOT dictate our future as far as God is concerned? I hope Dog knows that God can forgive and that he does not have to work himself to death to "make things even." But I am glad he does what he does and works to keep America safe and to help those who need a little mercy.


One Observationist said...

Great book review man. I want to read it and will put it on the list.

It is hard because sometimes I remember my past and try to make up for it. But I can't really do that. It sounds like an inspirational and insightful personal story. Thanks for sharing it and I look forward to reading the book.

Gomo said...

Well Said! Dog sure works with some scary people,its such a great thing to know that Jesus Forgives

Rick said...

Dude I LOVE Dog the Bounty Hunter... warts and all. Did you see the "documentary" they did of his life, when he went back to Huntsville, TX to the state penitentiary? It was amazing... I'm getting the book and reading it!